JUST1THING E2           The grassroots movement, JUST ONE THING, has been launched. Please join this exciting enterprise and help spread the word.

The idea behind JUST ONE THING (aka JOT) is simple. If every person does JUST ONE THING to help alleviate plastic use and waste, it could make an astounding difference in the amount of plastic pollution—at least in this country and its coastal and inland waters. It would also send a message, albeit slowly, to the hundreds of plastic producers who yearly spew out billions of plastic products and take no responsibility for the devastation their products cause.

No one is suggesting that people go “plastic free,” which is near impossible in today’s world anyway. However, there are small things people can do that can add up to colossal results. Just choose one form of plastic use that you’re willing to eliminate from your life.

JUST ONE THING may start as a whisper, but when enough people have had enough of the plastic trash we’re drowning in, it could become a roar that the plastic industry can’t ignore anymore.

(At the outset it’s obvious that plastic has many important uses and is now an intrinsic part of our lives. It’s never going to go away, which would not be a problem if there were responsible, adequate recycling programs and plastic producers stepped up and took responsibility for their product and the damage it’s causing the ocean, all waterways, and every species of birds, fowl, fish, mammals including people, reptiles – basically every creature.)

Here is one excellent item to start with:


Please join us in controlling plastic use and waste:

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc.                       Costco Wholesale Corp.
Simplistic Skin and Massage                              Boyd Ranch Mule Ride
Widget Creek Engineering                                  Jeff Bridges
The Ocean Foundation                                         Five Gyres Institute
The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor                 Plastic Pollution Coalition
AK Fishing
Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition