HOPE is alive!

It’s very hard not to get enmeshed in the media’s negativity, sometimes outright lies, and congress’s shenanigans. But work to save our planet’s environment and inhabitants is ongoing, even if it’s not the top headline…or any headline. There truly is reason for HOPE

Many people are apparently suffering emotional slumps since the horrific introduction of Covid to the world. Every time conditions are looking better, another variant or surge comes along. It’s easy to see how a person can get lost in the misery of it all.

Maybe there’s not much hope for the virus ending but, if one looks carefully, hope is quietly becoming more noticeable in other areas.

Recently I read a quick review of Jane Goodall’s new book: The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times. Being a “Bookaholic” I couldn’t resist buying it. Honestly the book was a beckoning to me to terminate any depressing ideas about the state of the world and to move on. Yes, the virus may wax and wane for many decades, but I’ve come to believe that to get past covid a person needs to start living again. No more sheltering behind locked doors. (I was terrible at “isolating” as it was.)

While reading The Book of Hope, I began to notice all kinds of recent, hopeful news about a topic I truly care about: the Rights of Nature (whether it be animal or environmental). An unexpected example popped up in an email. APS, a local electricity provider for much of Arizona, is striving to protect and restore wildlife. Imagine! An electric power provider working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Arizona Fish and Game Department, the Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation, and Wild at Heart.

Another example, the latest SeaDoc Blog/Newsletter does have some disappointing news, but a take-away is that it’s a terrific reminder of the many, many people who are working tirelessly on marine environmental issues. Even though one of the articles states that Puget Sound isn’t doing well, the article suggests that things are improving. And regularly there are positive reports of orca news on a few websites.

Discussion of stopping clear cutting and instead working toward forest preservation at the latest (highly polluting) big-wig European conference is a first and a terrifically positive sign.

GARN, The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, just held their 5th International Rights of Nature Tribunal. The Tribunal heard the most fundamental ecological cases facing the world today: the false solutions to the Climate Change crisis and the Amazon, a threatened living entity. The two cases were heard by a panel of globally recognized Rights of Nature judges. The prosecutors presented the false solutions to the climate change crisis and the Amazon as a threatened living entity case.

“The aim of this Tribunal is to bring maximum visibility to the current key struggles to protect the world’s ecosystems and confront the false solutions that are being presented in the face of these crises as well as the solutions emerging from civil society, and to offer legal rulings and precedents that may aid communities and activists in their struggles to protect and restore these ecosystems and advance the legal recognition of Nature as a rights-bearing entity.”

And Celdf (Community Legal Environmental Defense Fund) continues to help communities defeat environmentally unwanted and damaging actions that large corporations and government agencies try to impose.

It’s very hard not to get enmeshed in the media’s negativity, sometimes outright lies, and congress’s shenanigans. But work to save our planet’s environment and inhabitants is ongoing. Even if it’s not the top headline…or any headline…there truly is reason for HOPE!

Author: Moonlight Mesa Associates

Publisher who loves Westerns, Whales, and Oceans! Email us at cookie@westernswhalesandoceans.com and orders@moonlightmesaassociates.com

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