So far my summer travels and book-selling attempts for Saving Our Oceans have been only slightly worse than awful.

For starters, the Marine Naturalist Training Program I was so gung-ho about was a bit of a let down. The presenters knew their subject matter and were very passionate about it, but too many were terrible public speakers. (Mumble mumble) Some were good, but too few.

Unfortunately there was also a lot of repetition. How many times is it really necessary to play orca recordings?

One major complaint that I and others had, however, was the two days of back-to-back lengthy lectures, a very outmoded, ineffective method of teaching. A few presenters were outstanding. Their presentations included time IN THE FIELD, actually DOING instead of just sitting and LISTENING.

The training program, though, was staffed by extremely nice, caring people. However more than a few seemed totally obsessed with the Southern Resident pod. Granted, this pod is in danger of extinction, so there is plenty of reason for concern.

As of now, I seriously doubt that I’ll do the required practicum to obtain a Naturalist certification.

All that being said, though, I am now armed with several Marine guides and am anxious to start exploring on my own!

No photos available due to my current location and lack of gigs!

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