Score 1.5 for the Whales

Iceland has announced it will not slaughter whales this year!

Iceland has given up whaling in the past also, but always resumed after a year’s hiatus. Will they do so again? One year at a time, right?

Several reasons were offered for the whaling hiatus – one reason being the lucrative, booming whale watching business. Whale consumption is also down among Icelanders, and there was a suggestion about a permit not being applied for in time.

Unfortunately, this good news is offset by Japan’s resumption of commercial whaling starting. July 1.

Finally, Russia has made good and freed 2 orcas and 6 beluga whales that had been held in captivity in tiny holding tanks for months. Unfortunately, they didn’t ease the whales back to their environment by placing them in a sanctuary for a short time to help them readjust, but instead plunked them down into the ocean.

If the orcas cannot locate their original pod it’s possible they may die. Upon delivery one beluga looked to have been injured.

But the whales at least have a chance to survive in freedom – certainly better than a Russian jail enclosure, a Chinese marine park, or Sea World’s swimming pool.

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