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Book I of the Award-Winning Ben Thomas Series

Northern Escape

A Story of Crime and Betrayal...Obsession and Loss


Winner in the 2005 Arizona Authors Literary Contest!!

Book III of the Ben Thomas Series

Death in the Desert

Book III of the Ben Thomas Trilogy

A Novel of Revenge and Reconciliation

Brutal and Unforgiving

The Long-Awaited Missing Book II of the Detective Ben Thomas Trilogy


(formerly Murder in Thomas Bay)

Book II of the Ben Thomas Trilogy





"...If you want a story that has heart, this is for you. If you want one that has passion, adventure and the struggle with moral issues of life and death, you don't want to miss this book. A tightly written, mind absorbing story with an ending that will absolutely delight you. Truly recommended."
Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

"...A lively read with a quirky ending."

Don Bullis, Author of the books BLOODVILLE (2002) and BULL'S EYE (2006)

 This novel focuses on the choices that each person makes that irreversibly change his or her life. Captivating, memorable characters show that sometimes very good people get into terrible situations and must come to terms with the devastating consequences of their actions.

EBook Edition Available!

Death in the Desert is a fast-paced thriller taken right out of the nightly news! R.L. Coffield brings back ace detective Benjamin Thomas and Chloe Littlebird, the former Alaska State Trooper that fans came to love in Northern Escape. As Thomas and Littlebird investigate drug-related murders in the southwestern United States, Coffield again demonstrates an ability to combine convoluted plot, vivid characterization and international tensions - a read that is terrifying in its implications! Tom McDannold, Author, Publisher, Professor

Coffield has done it again. Diabolical villains, innocent victims, and noble but engagingly flawed heroes weave their way through a tangle of mystery and intrigue as heated as the Sonoran Desert itself. A completely satisfying read that will leave you clamoring for more!  Paula Silici, Editor

EBook Edition Available



Book II of the Ben Thomas Series

Ben ventures to Alaska to spend more time with State Trooper Chloe Littlebird, and finds himself in the middle of an investigation into the largest drug bust in Alaska's history. Meet the pernicious, evil Bill Passkey, the horrific, murdering beastial main character of Book III, DEATH IN THE DESERT. Rated R for sexuality and violence.


Book II of the Ben Thomas Series